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Carbon flue wall and method of making

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #5078595.

A flue wall, and method for making same, adapted to be readily assembly with like walls and other components to form a battery of heated comparments in a pit in which carbon anodes, such as used in the manufacture of alumina are baked. The wall includes upper and lower sections each having two interlocked parallel panels, of pre-cast monolithic construction. The upper and lower sections interfit to form a hollow flue confining the flow of hot gases generated by fuel burners. Baffles across the flue channel the gases in a serpentine-like path. Inclined apertures at spaced locations permit gases envolved by the anodes as they bake to flow into the flue and combust with the hot gases from the burners. Lifting lugs are provided to enable the wall to be fabricated at a site remote from the bake pit and transporated to the pit in form. In one embodiments the panels in each section have symmetrical interfacing reliefs of baffles, vacuum supports and edgewall portions to facilitate casting and assembly.

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