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Low level blasting composition

Image Number 10 for United States Patent #5071496.

A blasting agent is disclosed for use in a borehole having a pressure resistant closure. The blasting agent is used in combination with a primary initiating system comprised of a detonator and an initiator for the detonator. The blasting agent is preferably a semi-fluid explosive material having a predetermined sensitivity. The sensitivity is related to the borehole diameter and the initiating system's strength, wherein the blasting agent upon initiation is transformed into explosive products by means of reaction front which consumes substantially all the blasting agent as the reaction front passes through the blasting agent. The reaction front has an average velocity of propagation of between 200 meters/second and 1,000 meters/second for at least 30% of the total length of blasting agent located in the borehole. Another aspect of the invention is a method of blasting wherein the average velocity of propagation of the explosive front in the blasting agent is in a range of between 200 m/sec and 1,000 m/sec.

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