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Board game for teaching biblical principles

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #5071133.

A game is disclosed using random movement of playing pieces by players to teach biblical principles. The game includes a board having a playing path divided into several spaces. A playing piece, one for each player, is placed on the "Start" space and oriented to represent religiously "unconverted" players. The playing pieces move counterclockwise along the path in accordance to the roll of the dice. Counterclockwise movement continues until a playing piece lands on a "Sunday" space, at which point the corresponding player throws the dice again. If the number on the dice is even, the player remains "unconverted" and continues to move counterclockwise. If the number on the dice is odd, the playing piece is reversed to indicate that the player is religiously "converted", and moves the playing piece in a clockwise direction for the rest of the game. Property spaces, property deeds and play money provide players the opportunity to invest while moving along the path. The playing path further includes "Danger" spaces. If a player lands on a "Danger" space three times, that player must move to the "Great Exit Space" and move along the interior playing path spaces towards one of two finish spaces. A plurality of peg boards and sticks insertable in the peg board keep track of number of times players land on the "Danger" spaces.

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