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Tool positioning assembly

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #5070600.

A tool positioning assembly for receiving tooling for repairing heater penetrations at the lower end of a pressurizer supported on its end by a support skirt between the pressurizer and a base with the pressurizer having a surge line extending vertically into the apex of the lower spherical end of the pressurizer. A pair of circular tracks are mounted so as to be concentric with the pressurizer. The inner track is mounted to the surge line and the outer track is mounted so as to be below the outer periphery of the pressurizer. A carriage is movably mounted between the tracks so as to be movable therebetween and around the pressurizer. Cross slides mounted on the carriage provide horizontal movement. A vertical slide mounted on the upper cross slide provides vertical movement and is also rotatable around its own vertical axis for clearance purposes when maneuvering around the heater penetration nozzles.

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