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Automatic choke apparatus and method

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #5069180.

An automatic choke apparatus is provided having a choke plate mounted for variable rotation in a carburetor between a closed position and an open position wherein a flow of air entering the carburetor is substantially obstructed in the closed position compared to the open position whereby the flow of fuel entering the engine is increased when in the closed position. The choke plate has a choke shaft arm for rotatably moving the choke plate. The automatic choke apparatus has a throttle plate downstream from the choke plate mounted for variable rotation in the carburetor between an open position wherein a flow of air and fuel mixture exiting the carburetor is at a maximum and a closed position wherein the flow of air and fuel mixture exiting the carburetor is at a minimum. The throttle plate has a throttle lever for rotatably miving the throttle plate. The throttle lever is engagable with the choke shaft arm as the throttle plate is rotated toward the closed position to rotatably move the choke plate toward the open position. The automatic choke apparatus includes engine speed governing structure for moving the throttle plate to limit the maximum speed of the engine. The engine speed governing structure urges the throttle plate toward the closed position after the engine is started such that the throttle lever engages the choke shaft arm to move the choke plate toward the open position.

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