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Apparatus for mounting a flat package type IC

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #5068588.

An apparatus for mounting a flat package type IC on a printed circuit board is disclosed. The apparatus includes: a robot hand for holding the IC; cameras each for taking an image of a part of the IC taking an image of a part of the board, which cameras are fixed to the hand and arranged symmetrically with respect to the rotation axis of the hand; a first processor for obtaining linear deviation and rotational deviation of leads from the images of the IC, and for obtaining linear deviations and rotational deviation of lands from the images of the board; a second processor for obtaining a linear difference between the linear deviations of the IC and board, and for obtaining a rotational difference between the rotational deviations of the IC and board; and a driver for adjusting the position of the IC, by linearly moving the hand by the linear difference, and by rotating the hand by the rotational difference, thereby correctly positioning the leads on the corresponding lands.

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