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Loom with device for automatically exchanging cloth beams

Image Number 10 for United States Patent #5063970.

A loom for automatically exchanging a full cloth beam for an empty one without stopping its weaving operation. The loom has a driving mechanism for driving a cloth beam to rotate and wind thereon woven fabric. After having wound thereon a predetermined amount of woven fabric, the cloth beam is ejected by an ejector mechanism and moved from the driving mechanism to a cloth beam support to be supported thereon. A cloth beam holder holding thereon an empty cloth beam, has a supplying mechanism for supplying the empty cloth beam to the driving mechanism. The ejector mechanism and the supplying mechanism are mechanically connected so as to operate in timed relation to each other. The woven fabric is separated from the full cloth beam by a cutting mechanism and has a loom side cut end portion. The loom side cut end portion of the woven fabric is wound on the empty cloth beam by a winding mechanism. The winding mechanism includes three kinds of air nozzles for blowing the loom side cut end portion of the woven fabric in desired directions. The cutter mechanism includes a fluid-drive rotary cutter blade driven at a high speed so that the cutting of woven fabric in a loose state is enabled.

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