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Motion conversion mechanism for converting between rotating and reciprocating motion and an internal combustion engine using the same mechanism

Image Number 10 for United States Patent #5056475.

A motion conversion mechanism for use between a rotating motion and a reciprocating motion, and an internal combustion engine adopting the said motion conversion mechanism are disclosed, in which the motion conversion mechanism is constituted such that a reciprocator having racks along the opposite inner sides thereof is combined with a pinion having teeth along a part of the circumference thereof. When the reciprocator performs reciprocating motions, the teeth of the pinion are meshed with either one of the racks, thereby letting the pinion continuously revolve. The internal combustion engine according to the present invention uses the said motion conversion mechanism in place of the crank and the connecting rod. Further, in this engine, the deceleration and acceleration of the reciprocator in the vicinity of the dead points is adjustable, and therefore, the internal combustion engine according to the present invention can be expected to attain to a state close to the constant pressure cycle which is an ideal state for an internal combustion engine. The internal combustion engine of the present invention will drastically increase the engine efficiency and the engine power.

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