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Firearm magazine

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #5056252.

A pump action shotgun loaded from a magazine tube has a box magazine which feeds successive rounds of ammunition into the magazine tube through an opening in the side of the tube. Each successive round of ammunition is fed from the magazine tube into the receiver of the gun by a plunger connected by a rack and pinion mechanism to an action bar which moves the breech bolt between its retired and battery positions. The rack and pinion mechanism maintains the plunger out of the path of a round of ammunition fed into the magazine tube from the box magazine when the breech bolt is in its battery position and moves the plunger through a distance greater than the distance between the retired and battery positions to move a round of ammunition from the magazine tube into the receiver when the breech bolt moves from its battery to its retired position. The box magazine is adjustable to accommodate shells of differing lengths.

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