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Scrubbing machine/vacuum cleaner

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #5054158.

A scrubbing machine/vacuum cleaner which is carried by two spaced-apart front wheels and two spaced-apart rear wheels, having affixed to and extending from the front of the machine a cleaning head and brush assembly which is adapted to ride in proximity to, but in spaced-apart relationship from, the surface to be cleaned when all four wheels are resting on the surface to be cleaned. During actual cleaning operation, the head and brush assembly is adapted to press on the surface to be cleaned when the two rear wheels are raised from the surface to be cleaned. The front wheel assembly comprises a cross-member forming part of the frame carrying the machine, the cross-member having swivelably mounted thereto an axle. The axle carries the front wheels at its ends whereby the cleaning head is kept flat on the floor during the cleaning operation as the machine rolls over irregularities in the surface to be cleaned.

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