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Appartus for selecting and discharging seeds

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #5048226.

A seeding machine has a drum and roller urged together to define a seed trough. Bristles close one end of the trough and a hopper adjacent that end feeds a continuous supply of seeds to the trough. The seeds flow along the length of the trough and are discharged at the opposite end of the trough which is open. A funnel collects the discharged seeds and returns them to the hopper. The drum is provided with a series of axially extending rows of holes which are coupled to a vacuum source as each row passes through the tumbling seeds in the trough. A single seed is attracted to each hole and is carried by the drum to a discharge location where the hole in question is disconnected from the vacuum source and instead connected to a source of pressure which then acts to eject the seed from the drum.

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