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High resolution microscoping system using convolution integration process

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #5043570.

An optical system including a wave source radiates a converging wave to an object. A first memory stores a function g (x,y) representing the intensity distribution of the converging wave at a substantially beam waist section thereof. A scanning system directs the converging wave on the object at a substantially beam waist position, and operates so as to scan the converging wave on the object. A detector detects the intensity of a secondary wave generated by interaction between the converging wave and the object in accordance with a scanning operation of the scanning means. A second memory stores a positional function I (x,y) representing the intensity distribution of the secondary wave detected by the detector. In order to obtain a sensitivity distribution representing the intensity of the interaction between the object and the converging wave, an arithmetic unit obtains a function f (x,y) such that the function I(x,y) stored in the second memory satisfies convolution integration of the function g (x,y) stored in the first memory and the function f(x,y).

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