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Pilot operated control valve system

Image Number 8 for United States Patent #5040565.

In a pilot operated control valve system provided with a plurality of valves for controlling hydraulic equipment such as hydraulic cylinders, there are employed a plurality of valves each of which does not interfere with each other in operation and requires a minimum mounting space in said system to enable said system to be a small-sized system having a construction easily adapted to control a plurality of hydraulic equipments. The control valve system comprises: a valve (10) assuming a rectangular parallelepiped form; a first (11) and a second (12) pump port passage so formed in an upper portion of a valve housing of said valve (10) as to horizontally and parallelly extend to each other and as to communicate with a hydraulic pump; a tank port passage (13) formed in a lower central portion of said valve housing; a pilot tank port passage (25) so formed ina central portion of the valve housing as to communicate with a drain tank; a first (14) and a second (15) port passage vertically formed in said valve housing so as to separately open into an upper surface of said valve housing to communicate with each of pressure chambers of said hydraulic equipment; a plurality of valves (19, 20, 23, 24) inserted into a plurality of valve receiving bores formed in said valve housing so as to shud off desired ones of these port passages from said remaining port passages; and pilot valves for supplying the pilot pressure oil to these valves.

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