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High density interconnect strip

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #5037311.

An interconnect strip is provided for effecting electrical interconnection between pluralities of conductor pads disposed on circuit boards or the like in a high density configuration. The strip is fabricated from a polymer film carrier having laminated thereon a metal foil with preselected spring properties. After lamination, lithographic techniques from a series of electrically isolated metallic beams on the carrier. Additional chemical processing removes portions of the carrier at opposing sides of the strip to expose opposing ends of the beams which extend beyond the carrier parallel to one another in opposing directions outwards from the carrier. By urging the pads towards respective beam ends of the strip disposed between the pads until mating engagement therewith, a plurality of electrical interconnections are established through the beams. Flexural properties of the strip provide a low insertion force connection for a high density of conductors wherein the spring action of the strip assures favorable contact forces to the pads. The exposed film side of the strip may also be metalized and provided with beams or interconnected to beams on opposing side of the film by vias thereby providing a ground plane.

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