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Washing apparatus

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #5027840.

A washing apparatus for supplying a cleansing fluid to an object of interest including a housing for enclosing the apparatus and including a staging area and a washing area, a carousel rotatably borne by the housing and operable to carry the object of interest between the staging and washing areas, a spray manifold rotatably borne by the housing and operable for oscillating movement along a path of travel which is disposed in the washing area, supply means borne by the housing for selectively supplying the cleaning fluid to the spray manifold, a drive mechanism borne by the housing and operable drivingly to engage the manifold thereby causing the oscillating movement of the manifold; and means for selectively controlling the supply of cleansing fluid, and the drive mechanism, whereby the cleansing fluid may be supplied, and the drive mechanism may be selectively activated when the carousel is in a predetermined occluding position relative to the staging and washing areas.

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