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Electronically controlled magnetic tape editing device

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #5025329.

A device is provided for electronically editing and recording new signals on recorded tracks on a recording medium. Reproduction is started from the track just before an editing point and a magnetic head mounted on an electro-mechanical converting element traces the curvature of the reproducing track. A deviation amount of the electro-mechanical converting element upon reproduction of the track just before the editing point is detected by a strain detecting sensor mounted on the electro-mechanical converting element. The detection signal is sampled at a plurality of sample points and stored in a memory circuit. When the head reaches the editing point, the head is set into the recording mode. The electro-mechanical converting element on which the head is mounted is deviated in accordance with the curvature information of the reproducing track just before the editing point and, at the same time, a closed loop control is executed such that a strain pattern in the track scan which is detected by the strain sensor mounted on the converting element coincides with a strain pattern of the strain sensor upon reproduction of the track just before the editing point which was stored. Due to this, the curvature characteristics of the recorded tracks before and after the editing point are made to coincide.

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