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Continuous stamping machine

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #5024719.

A machine for continuously stamping at least one advancing product strip has a stamping wheel, the rotatable wheel having at least one heated stamping die positioned about its outer circumference, and has a rotatable shaft for driving the stamping wheel and pairs of rotatable synchronizing rollers affixed on rotatable shafts upstream and downstream of the stamping wheel in the line of the advancing strip for positioning the advancing strip for stamping and for delivering the advancing stamped strip for cutting. The stamping wheel driving shaft and the shafts of the synchronizing rollers are connected to a motor for being driven in synchronism so the stamping wheel and rollers have a peripheral speed equal to the linear speed of advance of the product strip. A plurality of stamping wheels may be aligned side by side for being driven by one driving shaft for stamping a plurality of advancing product strips with the pairs of rollers extending and encompassing each product strip advancing to and departing from the stamping wheel. For cutting the stamped product strip or strips, a rotatable cutting device is affixed on a rotatable shaft and a cooperating rotatable anvil wheel is affixed on a rotatable shaft downstream of the pair of rollers which are downstream of the stamping wheel. The cutting device and anvil wheel also are driven in synchronism with the other elements so the cutting device and anvil wheel will have a peripheral speed equal to the linear speed of the advancing stamped product strip.

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