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Strain relief connection

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #5021610.

A connector 10 for protecting, clamping, and sealing a cable passing through an aperture of a housing 14 for electrical or electronic equipment. A portion 15 of the housing 14 includes an aperture 34 for accepting a bushing 18. The bushing 18 includes a passage for a cable 26 and a pair of jaws 82 for clamping the cable 26 to prevent movement. The portion 15 of the housing 14 also includes an aperture 54 for inserting a locking clip 22 which locks the bushing 18 in the portion 15 of the housing 14. The locking clip 22 also provides the force required to activate the clamping jaws 82 on the bushing 18. A sealing ring 30 is compressed between the end 90 of the bushing 18 and a bevel surface 94 in the portion 15 of the housing 14 to close off the aperture.

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