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Method and guide roll stand for guiding and shaping strip material in a pipe mill

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #5016459.

A pair of slit type horizontal fin rolls (18) and a pair of vertical side rolls (19) having such a shape as having the conventional vertical side roll (19) formed by contracting its center portion are utilized, and due to the construction in which one set of each horizontal fin roll (18) and vertical side roll (19) adjustable horizontally, the depressing force is not applied to the material, and since the edge is restrained and shifted widthwise only with the horizontal force of the vertical side rolls (19) rotating freely, threading can be conducted very smoothly irrespective of the sectional shape of the material after break down, and even if the material size is changed, the threading can be conducted very smoothly without adjusting the roll position as strictly as in the past.

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