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Down lighting systems and fixtures therefor

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #5003432.

A down lighting system for elevator cabs and the like includes halogen lights in standard and emergency light fixtures. Both types of fixtures are connected to the ceiling by a clamp arrangement which is universally adaptable to a wide variety of ceiling types without changing the light housing dimensions. The clamp arrangement fastens light housings against rotation with respect to the ceiling and it is adjustable to different height ceiling configurations merely by connection to different vertical positions of the outer surface of the fixture. The standard fixture includes a halogen bulb with its own reflector. The emergency lighting fixture includes a halogen bulb/reflector unit with the emergency self focusing bulbs concentrically spaced around it. Both light sources pass focused light directly into the space below the ceiling for meeting test point candle power requirements. The emergency lighting circuit includes a switching relay with a manually operated button for testing the emergency light source by pulling the button to override a relay armature.

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