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Apparatus and method for measuring power factor and torque on the output of variable frequency drives

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #5003252.

An apparatus and method for sensing power factor and torque on the output of a variable frequency machine is disclosed. Initially, power is sensed in each phase of the three-phase machine by utilizing Hall generators for multiplying the phase current flowing through each phase by a current proportional to a phase voltage for each phase. The products are then summed to obtain a reading of the instantaneous power drawn by the three phase machine. The AC component is filtered out of the summed signal using a multistage filter which allows for maintaining a fast response time with low ripple. This output is divided by the speed of the machine and multiplied by a constant to result in a signal representing torque. For measuring power factor, power signal sensed in each phase is applied to a DC blocking capacitor, effectively separating the AC envelope proportional to voltage times current. The three signals are applied to absolute value amplifiers and summed to provide a signal yielding total power. The instantaneous power is then divided by this signal to provide power factor.

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