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Process for forming a composite structure of thermoplastic polymer and sheet molding compound

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #5001000.

A process for making a rigid composite structure with a thermoplastic polymer surface by:a. thermoforming a thermoplastic polymeric sheet into a three dimensional structure; the sheet has primary glass transition temperature that is at least C. greater than the molding temperature of step c. below;b. placing the thermoformed structure and a charge of sheet molding compound (SMC) in a mold andc. heating the charge and thermoformed structure under pressure in the mold to cure the SMC and to adhere the SMC to the thermoformed structure, where the molding temperature is at least C. below the primary glass transition temperature of the thermoplastic polymeric sheet;the resulting composite structure which can be finished with a paint or a layer of clear coat and color coat also is part of the invention.

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