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Plate bending machine

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #4991422.

The machine includes a U-shaped pincer (12) with a pair of arms (14, 16) which carry a V-sectioned linear punch (P) and a V-sectioned linear die (D) respectively. The punch (P) is fixed and the die (D) is movable. The U-shaped pincer (12) is mounted so that it can rotate both about a bending axis (V) coincident with the edge of the punch (P) and about a horizontal pivoting axis (O) which intersects the bending axis (V). A clamp (10) is adapted to grip an upper edge of a piece (W) of sheet metal so that a region thereof to be bent lies in a vertical suspension plane (B) lying between the arms (14, 16) of the U-shaped pincer (12) and containing the bending axis (V). The U-shaped pincer (12) and the clamp (10) are capable of relative movement both in a vertical direction (Z) and in a horizontal direction (X) perpendicular to the horizontal pivoting axis (O).

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