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Inflatable rescue ramp

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4990114.

The invention provides an inflatable rescue ramp having a pair of spaced inflatable tubes which join at one end to define a bow. A flexible web is mounted between and connects to the tubes at outside seams. That is, the web passes under each tube and is attached thereto on outside longitudinal seams, such that downward pressure on the web or ramp floor will cause adjacent portions of the tubes to axially rotate outwardly from each other to provide and enhance passageway on the web between the tubes. The rescue ramp is carried to the scene in a folded and compact state, with the above tubes being connected to a compressed air source. The rescue ramp is positioned on or near a firm surface and pointed toward a victim on an unfirm surface e.g. in an icy pond and the tubes inflated causing the ramp to pop or snake out of its packed condition and extend toward the victim with anchor lines from the tubes trailing. The rescuers grab the anchor lines and aim or position the inflating or inflated rescue ram in the direction of the victim and then secure the anchor lines and the near end of the rescue ramp on or near a firm surface e.g. the shore of a pond, whereupon a rescuer can hurry out on the so-positioned ramp to aid the victim. Subsequently the rescue ramp is deflated, folded and packed for future use.

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