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Atomic absorption spectrometer

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4989975.

In an atomic absorption spectrometer with an atomizing device (190) and a line emitting light source (16), an optical system (22,28 . . . ) for generating a measuring light beam (18), and a photo-electrical detector (38), which are arranged in a housing (10) which forms a sample cavity (12) accessible from the outside and which is passed through by a measuring light beam (18) and into which different atomizing devices can be optionally inserted, the atomizing device (190) with the specific components (104,124,126) is assembled to form an insert unit (100) in which the atomizing device (190) in the form of a graphite furnace has a well-defined position relatively to the insert unit (100) and which in turn can be inserted into the sample cavity (12) in a well-defined position to provide an entirely functioning atomic absorption spectrometer.

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