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Blank preform and tray pallet

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #4986418.

This invention relates to a cut and scored blank for forming a tray pallet, a preform formed by erecting the cut and scored blank, and the tray pallet formed from the blank and preform. The blank is formed of a planar body of sheet material cut and scored to form a substantially square main portion bounded by two cut edges and two score lines, each score line being parallel to an adjoining side cut edge of the body and being spaced from the adjoining side cut edge a predetermined distance which is a minor fraction of the length of the adjoining side cut edge, and the two score lines crossing adjacent one corner of the body to define with adjacent side cut edges of the body a square corner area. The body is cut along one of the score lines in such a manner that the square corner area is bounded by one score line and three cut side edges for facilitating folding of the body along the score lines and erection of the folded body into a preform in the form of a substantially square flat tray bounded along two sides of a raised lip and having a reinforced corner formed by lapped portions of the raised lip.

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