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Signal transmission system and method

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #4983976.

A data transmission system includes a data carrier which has a memory for storing therein data including an identification code and which is attached to an object and a main apparatus having a microwave oscillator so as to conduct communications with the data carrier by use of a microwave, thereby writing data in or reading data from the memory of the data carrier.The main apparatus transmits a microwave modulated by a command or data and thereafter transmits a nonmodulated carrier for a predetermined period of time. On receiving a command, the data carrier executes a read/write operation on the memory and then generates a response. The data carrier receives the nonmodulated carrier sent from the main apparatus so as to conduct a modulation of quadrature phase-shift keying thereon by use of response data, thereby reflectively transmitting the modulated carrier with a plane of polarization shifted from a plane of polarization of the received wave by

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