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Piezoelectric pump assembly

Image Number 11 for United States Patent #4983876.

A piezoelectric diaphragm pump assembly is disclosed, wherein there is disposed a housing having an inlet port provided with a feed check valve, and an outlet port provided with a discharge check valve, wherein a casing is disposed for accomodating an amplification mechanism, said casing having an L-shape stationary member, to which a plate spring is fixed, a front end portion of the plate spring being fixed with a lever member of the amplification mechanism, which is engaged with an upper portion of a longitudinally effective type piezoelectric actuator, and wherein a diaphragm body coated with a film is disposed, characterized in that a front end portion of the lever member is fixed with a supporting member which is, in turn, fixed with a U-shape supporting member for supporting the diaphragm body, and that the supporting member is connected via a spring to the L-shape stationary member.

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