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Apparatus for stacking flat workpieces on stacking pins or an endless conveying element

Image Number 9 for United States Patent #4983088.

An apparatus for stacking flat workpieces, which are provided with stacking holes, on stacking pins or stacking fingers of an endless flexible conveying element or of an endless conveying chain, which revolves around reversing pulleys, which conveying element or conveying chain is advanced by one step whenever a stack consisting of a predetermined number of workpieces has been formed. The apparatus includes a feeder for feeding consecutive workpieces to be stacked and a rake for pushing the workpieces onto the stacking pits or stacking fingers. The stacking fingers are mounted on elongate pedestals, which are secured to the conveying element or conveying chain and have a width which is smaller and a length which is larger than the diameter of the stacking holes. At least one substantially U-shaped carrying member, which constitutes a temporary stacking finger, is secured to a carrier and is adapted to be displayed or pivotally moved inwardly and has a cross-section which is smaller than the diameter of the stacking holes. The carrying member is movable to at least one position in which the carrying member extends around part of a stacking finger and/or around part of a pedestal and has approximately the same height as each pedestal or has preferably a smaller height than each pedestal and is vertically displaceable relative to the pedestal and to the upright stacking finger on the pedestal.

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