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System for connecting light waveguide buses and coaxial cable buses

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #4983010.

A system for connecting light waveguide buses and coaxial cable buses operating according to the token passing principle. The coaxial cable buses are connected with electrical terminal access devices. An opto-electrical converter is disposed between a terminal access device and a light waveguide bus. The converter includes: a carrier band modem connected to the terminal access device and having a standardized carrier band inteface for producing data signals at the interface according to a predetermined token bus standard; an optical transceiver coupled to the light waveguide bus for converting electrical signals into optical signals and transmitting the optical signals onto the light waveguide bus and for receiving optical signals from the light waveguide bus and converting the optical signals into electrical signals; a light waveguide sub-modem having an interface coupled between the interface of the carrier band modem and the optical transceiver for generating electrical signals according to a predetermined optical token bus light waveguide standard and feeding the electrical signals to the optical transceiver and for generating electrical data signals according to the predetermined token bus standard from signals conforming to the predetermined optical token bus waveguide standard received form optical transceiver; a common sequence controller connected to the carrier band modem and the light waveguide sub-modem for controlling functions in the carrier band modem and the light waveguide sub-modem; and a return flow barrier connected between the optical transceiver and tghe light waveguide sub-modem for preventing received data from re-circulating through the optical transceiver and the light waveguide bus.

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