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Upper articulated connecting device between a spring-shock absorber assembly and the chassis of a motor vehicle

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4981287.

An upper articulated connecting device for connection between a spring-shock absorber assembly and the chassis of a motor vehicle, comprising: a frame (b 1,2,3) having a connecting piece (3) for securing the upper end of the shock absorber and girdled by a swivel joint (4); a frame (5) having on its lower face a lining (6) supporting the suspension spring and closed at the top by a cover (8); a low rigidity ring (11), secured between the lower portion of the swivel joint (4) and an annular bearing surface (13) integral with the frame (5); a high rigidity girdle whose external peripheral surface extends at a short distance from the internal peripheral surface of the cover, this girdle having two axial abutment surfaces, one adapted to bear against the bottom of the cover, and the other against a peripheral flange of the annular bearing surface.

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