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Deaerator tray for a steam boiler feedwater heater system

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4981113.

A deaerator tray in the form of a horizontally elongated trough for receiving a quantity of liquid to be deaerated. The trough has a flat bottom having a pair of spaced, elongated sides having upper liquid overflow edges. Guide structure is provided for directing the flow of liquid overflowing from the edges, the guide structure includes a pair of flat elongated inclined wall members each directly connected to a respective one of the sides below the upper liquid overflow edges along the length thereof. The wall members extend outwardly away from each other and downwardly away from the respective upper liquid overflow edges. Each wall member is inclined relative to the vertical and terminates in a lower edge to enhance deaeration of the liquid as the latter is guided down the wall members and falls from the lower edge. The sides of the tray are inclined outwardly and upwardly at an angle from the horizontal and the wall members and the sides cooperate to form opposed V-shaped structures extending along a plane formed by the opposite edges of the bottom.

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