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Variable capacity swivelling vane pump

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #4958992.

Variable capacity swivelling vane pump, comprising a radially displaceable rotor (13) connecting eccentrically in a rotor cage (h) with guided vanes (15), which are rotatably supported in vane recesses (16) and on cage pins (14). The vanes (15) thus convert the rotor eccentricity (d) into a pivoting-propulsion movement. Furthermore, the rotor (13) rests on a hollow secondary shaft (7), which is mounted outside the pump casing in a bearing carrier (4) arranged in a horizontally movable manner. The rotor (13) is driven by means of the primary shaft (12) located in the hollow secondary shaft (7), the primary shaft being connected with the rotor cage (h). This structure has small oscillating masses, is versatile, easy to manufacture and assemble and operates with minimum frictonal losses and is free from bearing and sealing problems.

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