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Balneo-phototherapeutical treatment process and bath

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #4945908.

The apparatus includes a basin with a 10-50 cm depth preferably 20 cm and at least a metal halide high pressure lamp (MeH), a mercury high pressure lamp (HgH) or a mercury low pressure lamp (HgN) with filters. The lamps have a spectral range of 290 to 400 nm and are arranged to illuminate prone support surfaces. The bath tub may be made of an acid resistant material, preferably a synthetic plastic. A fixed or removable plastic prone support surface in the tub bottom and a liquid inlet and outlet for circulation of the solution for processing and storage are provided. The outlet is connected to the inlet through a filter device, a processing tank, a thermally insulated storage tank, a thermostatically controlled flow heater and a pumping device. A radiation source may be located under the prone support surface.

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