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A/D converters

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #4940983.

A successive approximation analog to digital converter including at least one superconducting loop (FIG. 3-30; FIG. 8-68). Superconducting loops (61-64) may be used to store flux quanta used as reference levels in a digital to analog converter of the analog to digital converter. Alternatively, non-superconducting reference inductors (FIG. 3-38) can provide flux quanta reference levels. Switchable screens (34; 66) are interposed between the flux quanta stores and lobes (31; 74) in an addition/subtraction superconducting loop (30; 68). An analog signal is sampled and the corresponding magnetic flux coupled to a sensing lobe (32; 71) and concentrated at a flux concentrating lobe (33; 72). The reference fluxes are selectively coupled into the addition/substraction superconducting loop until a magnetometer (40;73) indicates zero net flux through the concentrating lobe, this corresponding to completion of the conversion.

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