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X-ray examination apparatus with referencing system for the video display

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #4937848.

An x-ray examination apparatus includes a position-adjustable x-ray tube, a patient support, and a position-adjustable image pick-up system, the image pick-up system including an x-ray image intensifier and a video camera coupled thereto. The output of the video camera is shown on a display monitor. Signals identifying the position of the x-ray tube and the image-pick-up system relative to a patient are supplied to a computer, which calculates angular deviation of those components from a desired reference. Signals corresponding to any such deviations are supplied to the horizontal and vertical sawtooth voltage generators for the video camera, so that scanning of the target of the video camera is always undertaken perpendicularly relative to the reference, independently of movement of the image pick-up system.

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