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Food stirring apparatus

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #4936688.

A food stirring apparatus is set forth wherein a pivotally mounted mixing head has releasably secured thereto a single rotatable axially aligned post having integrally secured thereto a plurality of mixing blades. An upper set of mixing blades comprises three equally spaced blades wherein each blade includes a plurality of openings. The openings comprise non-circular through-extending openings wherein each blade includes plural rows of openings and wherein the rows of openings are vertically offset with respect to adjacent blades. Further, the upper openings are axially offset relative to the lower openings to effect varying flow rates and flow directions of the mixing fluid passing therethrough to effect efficient mixing of a fluid mixture. A lower set of blades includes non-circular openings of equal pattern arrangement to the upper set of blades, but wherein the lower set of blades are rotatably offset sixty degrees relative to the upper set of blades.

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