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Image storage system and method of storing images such that they are displayed with gradually increasing resolution

Image Number 11 for United States Patent #4931954.

A series of data access is performed wherein a representative pixel of each divided region obtained by dividing an original image frame into a plurality of regions is sequentially accessed while increasing the number of divisions. The series of data access is repeated for each bit string so that data of each bit string obtained by dividing gradation data of each pixel into a plurality of bit strings are sequentially read out from the upper string to the lower bit string, and the resultant data are sequentially stored in a storage medium. In this manner, image data of a plurality of frames are stored in the storage medium. The image data of a plurality of frames stored in the storage medium are read out in units of predetermined number of data for each image data, and data of pixels which have not yet been read out in each image frame are interpolated and displayed. When all the data of a specific image frame retrieved by the display operation are read out, the original image data can be reproduced and displayed.

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