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Low noise impeller

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4930981.

A blower for fluidized particulates has a housing with an inlet in one wall. The housing defines a chamber which also has an outlet. A rotatably mounted shaft projects into the interior of the chamber. Circumferentially spaced around and projecting laterally from the shaft are a plurality of blades which individually have a shape selected to substantially maximize the impulsive pressure on the particles delivered through the outlet upon rotation of the shaft. Each of those blades has a notch defined toward the shaft from the laterally outer blade periphery with that notch having a size and shape selected to significantly reduce noise created by movement of the blade across the outlet. A plurality of paddles individually project outwardly from and are circumferentially spaced around the shaft adjacent to and circumferential aligned with respective ones of the notches, with that spacing of each paddle from the corresponding adjacent blade being selected to augment reduction of the noise while maintaining maximization of the pressure.

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