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Method of making a pleated blind with articulative slat extensions

Image Number 9 for United States Patent #4928369.

A pleated, variable light-filtering, insulative window treatment. A horizontally or vertically pleated Venetian Blind is fashioned after two distinct processes with blind slats which extend rearwardly of the front pleated covering and, further, are cambered towards a motivation source proximate the planar cover. Articulator cords are used to move the trailing edges of the slat extensions uniformly in one direction while the forward edges of the slats are caused to pivot along the points of juncture of the slat leading edges and the trough lines of the front pleated cover. Upon complete articulation of the cambered slat edges, effecting an enclosure of the air space in the laterally disposed pleats by forming laterally concatenated air columns, a light-reflecting, room-darkening, highly insulative mode is achieved. Two processes, preferred by the inventors, are disclosed for manufacturing the invention's articulatable hinged extension slats, with the pleated fabric, to form the compound shade apparatus.

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