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Method and apparatus for applying a protective tape on a wafer and cutting it out to shape

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4925515.

A method for applying a protective tape on a wafer and cutting it out to the shape of the wafer in the process of manufacture of integrated circuits and the like, and an apparatus for use in carrying out the method. The method enables the protective tape to be applied on the wafer without allowing intersurface inclusion of air bubbles and to be accurately cut along the perimeter of the wafer. Any dimensional change with respect to the wafer can be properly coped with.The protective tape, as drawn out from a winder shaft, is applied by means of an application roller on the wafer which is supported and fixed in position on a transfer table.The tape is cut along an orientation flat of the wafer by a subcutter which is in movement integrally with the application roller. A main cutter positioned above the wafer is then lowered and caused to swivel, whereby the protective tape is cut along a circumferential edge of the wafer so that the tape on the wafer is cut out to the contour of the wafer. Any remaining portion of the tape after the cut-out is made is wound onto a take-up shaft.

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