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Deep nested filament winding

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4925125.

This invention relates to a technique for forming filament windings which are designed to enable filament (52) to be paid out at a high rate used particularly for guided missile systems using a filament as a data link. Numerous prior art techniques exist which have disadvantages such as difficulty in winding, poor coil stability, and high drag associated with paying out of the filaments. Additionally, some of the prior art techniques do not result in a densely packed coil, thus requiring larger size spools and compromising the packaging efficiency of the overall system. In accordance with this invention, a "deep nested" filament coil winding (80, 94, 102) is provided. By providing a pitch distance of approximately the filament diameter times the square root of 3, and advancing the coils in two equal steps as the turns wrap around the coil spool, a highly densely packed coil is provided which can be wound against a single flange (84, 104) or a pair of separated flanges (84, 86). The winding features excellent mechanical stability and can be wound using conventional winding machines.

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