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Embossing machine for textile materials

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4913911.

An embossing machine wherein two driven embossing rolls are provided with ripheral knobs and depressions. The knobs of one roll extend with clearance into the depressions of the other roll and vice versa during travel of the knobs and depressions through the nip of the rolls. The clearances between the top lands of knobs and adjacent portions of internal surfaces bounding the respective depressions are smaller than the clearances between the flanks of the knobs and the adjacent portions of the respective internal surfaces. This ensures that a carpet of loose fibrous material which is fed into the nip is converted into embossed textile material having a first layer of compacted portions which are formed adjacent the top lands of knobs on one of the rolls, a second layer of compacted portions which are formed adjacent the top lands of knobs on the other roll, and fluffy intermediate portions which connect the compacted portions forming one of the layers with compacted portions of the other layer. The knobs of one or both rolls can be heated to weld the filaments of the compacted portions to each other. Alternatively, or in addition to heating, those parts of the carpet which are to be converted into compacted portions can be impregnated or sprayed with a suitable solvent. The height of the knobs determines the thickness of the embossed textile material.

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