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Method for recording color image by varying single source exposure intensity

Image Number 8 for United States Patent #4910116.

A method for recording a color image having two or more hues is disclosed which comprises exposing to light from one light source a light-sensitive sheet having carried on the surface thereof a mixture containing, as a light-sensitive agent, two or more kinds of photocurable microcapsules which encapsulate different color formers therein and are sensitive to lights of different wave length regions from each other, with changing the exposure amount in conformity with image information to thereby selectively cure the microcapsules, wherein (i) said light-sensitive agent contains at least one kinds of photcurable microcapsules which become soft when light-exposed in an exposure amount more than the exposure amount necessary for photocuring of said one kind of photocurable microcapsules, or (ii) said exposing is carried out using one light source capable of emitting lights of said different wave length regions simultaneously with controlling the exposure amount within plural levels bonded by maximum sensitivity in each of said different wave length regions in a composite spectral sensitivity characteristic synergistically synthesized from spectral sensitivities of said two or more kinds of photocurable microcapsules and coefficient of spectral radiation of said one light source.

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