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Hydraulic actuator and lift apparatus

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #4900187.

An elongated operating cylinder has an internal piston assembly including axially spaced diametral disks. Such assembly is movable lengthwise in the internal cavity of the cylinder. A flexible force-transmitting component is connected to the piston assembly and extends axially of the cylinder through one of its ends. Introduction of fluid under pressure into the cylinder cavity tends to move the piston assembly axially so as to apply a pulling force to the flexible force-transmitting component, adapting the cylinder for use as a fluid-pressure actuator. Such fluid pressure actuator is particularly suited for use in lift apparatus where a compact, stationary frame has upright rails along which a lift carriage is movable. The lifting force preferably is provided by the flexible force-transmitting component of the actuator which can be routed by one or more pulleys. The lift apparatus can be mounted adjacent to a dock for lifting a small watercraft from the water.

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