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Fuser for use in an electrophotographic print engine

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #4899197.

An improved fuser for use in an electrophotographic print engine having mutually compressible rollers for uniformity and thoroughly fused toner images. Also, the need for paper fingers to guide image receptor sheets is eliminated. The wear on the fixing device in the improved fuser is reduced by preventing binding of oil leveling blades, removing offset toner, and the use of oiling rollers in conjunction with oil leveling blades to apply oil to the fixing device. An improved fuser is also easily accessible and serviceable. The fusing device is contained within a clam-shell housing such that the fixing device and the compression device are separated when the housing opens thereby freeing jammed image receptor sheets and allowing convenient access for further service and repair. In addition, an oil wick, an oil tank, and the leveling blade comprise a subassembly which can be removed and replaced.

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