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Method of inhibiting radioactive substances from eluting into cooling water in a nuclear plant and an apparatus therefor

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4894202.

Disclosed is a method and apparatus for inhibiting radioactive substances eluting into cooling water of a nuclear plant. The method uses an index consisting of an amount of iron adhered onto the fuel cladding surface, that is calculated from the iron concentration of the cooling water and the operation time. A formation of a layer of the iron oxide on the fuel cladding surface is confirmed based upon the covering ratio of 100%. When the covering ratio is smaller than 100%, the iron concentration in the cooling water is controlled to remain constant at a maximum concentration. The Fe/Ni molar concentration ratio in the cooling water is adjusted to be set from about 2 to 10 after the layer of iron oxide reaches a covering ratio of 100%. .sup.58 Co ion and .sup.60 Co ion concentrations in the cooling water can be decreased without greatly increasing the concentration of precipitating radioactive crud, and the surface dosage in the primary system can be decreased at the time of regular checking.

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