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System for remote transmission of angular position and force between master and slave shafts

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #4888538.

Disclosure is made of a system for remote transmission of the angular position and force between the master and slave shafts, which includes master and slave synchronous machines (1,2) whose shaft position sensors (9,10) are electrically connected to inputs (11,12) of a unit (13) for assigning orientation of stator magnetic fields of the synchronous master and slave machines and to information inputs (15,14) of a device (16) for assigning the amplitude of stator magnetic fields of master and slave synchronous machines, having its output electrically connected to a control input (21) of a unit (22) producing current in the windings of the synchronous machines, having its setting input (23) connected to the output of the unit (13) for orientation assigning. The outputs of the producing current unit (22) are connected to electrically linked respective windings of the synchronous machines (1,2). The amplitude assigning device (16l ) comprises a unit (17) for determination of the assigned mismatch between the shafts of the synchronous machines, having a setting input (20) to which is applied a signal corresponding to the scaling factor of the force transmitted to the shaft (3) of the synchronous machine (1), and a comparison unit (18) connected in series to said unit (17).

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