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Exercise apparatus adjustable during use

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #4884802.

The apparatus comprises a carriage supported on a track assembly by rollers. Energy absorption and release apparatus biases the carriage toward an at-rest position approximately midway between the ends of the track assembly. The user lies back-down on the carriage and, using handles and a foot rest provided for the purpose, sets the carriage into reciprocating motion. The effort used in causing the motion and the acceleration forces experienced as a result of it provide effects beneficial to the user's voluntary muscles, skeletal muscles and internal organs. The energy absorption and release apparatus comprises primary and secondary apparatuses. The forces and energy levels involved in the operation of both the primary and secondary apparatuses is adjustable while the apparatus is in use, the secondary apparatus being adjustable by the user. The adjustments are effected by manual engagement and disengagement of units of sets of bungee apparatus incorporated in the primary and secondary energy storage and release apparatuses.

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