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Acoustic lens for use in acoustic microscope

Image Number 16 for United States Patent #4881618.

An acoustic lens for use in an acoustic microscope including a solid state medium for propagating an acoustic wave having a wavelength .lambda. and having opposed end surfaces, an electric-acoustic transducer applied on one end surface of the solid state medium and having a radius a, and a spherical lens portion formed in the other end surface of the solid state medium and having an aperture of a radius w. The length l and the aperture radius w are normalized by the transducer radius a such that Z=l.lambda./a.sup.2 and W=w/a. Values of Z and W are selected from such a region in a first quadrant of the Z-W coordinate system that desired power and/or phase are obtained. The region neighboring the point Z=1 and W=1 is excluded.

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